Oil Official: Libya lost $180 billion due to closure of oilfields

17 October 2017 - 00:06

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17 October 2017 - 00:06


The Head of the Libyan Council for Oil and Gas, Khalid Ben Othman, ha stated that the loss of the country due to the closure of oilfields has reached 180 billion dollars. 

Speaking on TV, Ben Othman warned of more losses and additional costs due to the closure and the subsequent service works at the oilfields that had been subjected to attacks or shutdowns or even vandalism. 

The oil sector official urged as well all Libyans to preserve their oil resources and fortunes, calling on the National 
Oil Corporation (NOC) to allow Libyan firms into the sector’s services and to be partners with the foreign firms. 

Few days ago, the Libyan Council for Oil and Gas announced signing an accord between Libyan and western stakeholders in London. 

The accord contained several principles that aim at boosting legal security procedures for the NOC, including condemning all closures of oil facilities and bringing the ones responsible for them to justice, in Libya and overseas.   


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