Tunisian Journalists Syndicate: Assault on Alnabaa reporter is violation of press freedom

17 October 2017 - 18:35

Saleh Al-Bakoush, Ashraf Al-Sheh, and Alnabaa reporter Safwan Abu Sahmain

17 October 2017 - 18:35


The Tunisian Unit for monitoring violations against journalists related to the Tunisian Journalists Syndicate has documented the assault on Alnabaa TV Channel’s reporter in Tunisia, Safwan Abu Sahmain, on September 25 by two advisors to the High Council of State (HCS).

The report that was issued by the syndicate on Tuesday said that the assault on Abu Sahmain was a blatant violation of the journalists’ rights and the people’s rights to obtain information. 

It also called for reporting such violations against journalists so that the violators can be brought to justice. 

It also said that items 14 and 9 of the decree 115 of journalism says that any verbal or physical attacks can be subject to punishment and that there should be no limitations and restrictions on the freedom of media and press coverages. 

The advisors at the High Council of State of Skhirat-signed agreement Salah Al-Bakoush and Ashraf Al-Sheh have verbally attacked the reporter of Alnabaa TV Channel in Tunisia, Safwan Abu Sahmain, claiming he was spreading fake news about the deal that will see the Article 08 removed in return for appointing Al-Sweihli as the Head of the Presidential Council. This incident took place in the first round of the dialogue in Tunis on September 25. 


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