Wershiffana clashes, what is going on?

2 November 2017 - 18:42

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2 November 2017 - 18:42


The spokesman of the Wershiffana Council of Elders told Alnabaa TV Channel that there were clashes in the district between local gunmen and a force led by the commander of the western military zone Osama Juwaili, who is appointed by the Presidential Council, nearby checkpoint 60.

The member of the council, Ahmed Bellawer, also told Alnabaa TV Channel that the district is awaiting, adding that the clashes caused huge material damage including two houses.  

Meanwhile, the Zintan Military Council has called on all the residents of Wershiffana to stay away from the gatherings and military areas, stressing the need for avoiding taking to the streets or going out in the areas near the fighting. 

Meanwhile, the head of the Wershiffana Social Council Al-Mabrouk Bu Amid has denounced the military operation that has been targeting the district for the second day. 

Al-Mabrouk told Alnabaa TV Channel on Thursday morning that what is being plotted for Wershiffana by “the militias of Zintan led by Osama Al-Jawili and by the blessing of the Presidential Council” aims at entering Tripoli.

He also added that the claims that the operation is for defeating and eliminating criminals in Wershiffana is just a pretext for the looming war, which wreak havoc among civilians. 

Bu Amid also explained that Zintan Military Council is behind the criminals in Wershiffana, giving them money to destabilize the region (western region), adding that no Libyan city is taking part in the operation but only the mercenaries from Sudanese Justice and Equality, who were recruited for the incident. 

“There is no difference between those who steal the money of the Libyans and those who conduct airstrikes on civilians,” He added, saying the Presidential Council of the UN-brokered government is legalizing such crimes. 

Relatedly, the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Council of the UN-brokered government Abdelrahman Al-Taweel denied knowing of the military operation led by the commander of the western region’s military zone Osama Jwili. 

Al-Taweel told Alnabaa TV Channel on the phone also on Thursday that he did not appoint any forces led by Jwili and had no knowledge of whether he was appointed by the Presidential Council or not. 

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