Turkish Ambassador to Libya: Abduction of Enka workers was individual act

7 November 2017 - 18:25

The Turkish Ambassador to Libya Ahmet Doğan - Internet

7 November 2017 - 18:25


The Turkish Ambassador to Libya Ahmet Doğan has confirmed that the abduction of the Turkish Enka workers and their foreign co-worker was an individual act that has nothing to do with the Libyan people or the residents of Fizzan region, adding that this incident won’t affect the relations between Libya and Turkey. 

Doğan said on Monday in a meeting with the deputy of the UN-brokered foreign minister Lutfi Al-Maghrabi that Libyan authorities had all condemned the kidnap, saying that Enka will continue to work and finish its jobs as agreed with the Libyan partners, Libyan News Agency (LANA).

“The Ubari gas steam plant project that is being done by the Turkish firm Enka is important to all as it will help alleviate the outage of power in Libya and especially in the southern region.” He indicated. 

 In the meantime, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said it was following up on the issue of abducting Turkish from Enka’s workers by an armed group in Libya at the Ubari gas power plant in the south of the country. 

According to Anadolu Agency, a Foreign Ministry source said there were communications on the phone with Libyan authorities to be informed of all the details of the abduction.

The General National Electricity Company in Libya (GECOL) announced that four foreigners were abducted by an armed group from Ubari gas steam plant in southern Libya. 

GECOL said in a statement issued on Facebook that the foreigners were three from Turkey and one from South Africa and they were kidnapped right after they arrived in the plant coming from Ubari airport. 

The company also stated that the concerned authorities must take up responsibility and fix this “barbaric” act and release the abductees.

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