Two fighters from Fursan Janzour Brigade killed in clashes witth Tribes Army

22 February 2018 - 15:14

Fursan Janzour Brigade - Internet

22 February 2018 - 15:14


The commander of patrols of Fursan Janzour Brigade Jalal Bashir said two of their fighters were killed in clashes with the Tribes Army in 27 bridge area on the coastal road.

Bashir told Alnabaa TV Channel that the area is now calm after the clashes have ended and the coastal road reopened. 

The spokesman for the Tripoli-based Special Deterrent Force (SDF) Ahmed Salim confirmed that the senior leader of the Tribes Army Al-Buhamiri Ajwaida was killed in a raid on Sahari Bank in Al-Maya town in western Tripoli on Wednesday.

Salim told Alnabaa TV Channel on the phone that the SDF forces engaged in a fire exchange with the gunmen at the bank and arrested 11 people wanted for robberies, abductions, and closure of the coastal road previously, saying three people were killed in total, including a woman. 

He also added that the coastal road will be opened after the situation is contained and the abduction and extortion gangs are detained.   

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