Libyan Mufti: Corrupted money is used to recruit mercenaries to occupy Libya's south

13 March 2018 - 13:12

Libyan Mufti Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani - Archive - Fatwa House

13 March 2018 - 13:12


The Libyan Mufti Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani has stated that the weapons bought by the UAE money are being used by Khalifa Haftar in killing innocent people and displacing others in Benghazi. 

The Libyan Mufti said in an article posted on the website of Fatwa House on Monday that the corrupted money is used to recruit mercenaries from Africa to occupy Libya’s south and later divide Libya into fragments.  

“The current figures on the Libyan scene are getting their money spent on intelligence and oppressive 
agencies, not on building and development.” He added in his article. 

Sheikh Al-Gharyani added that the notion adopted by the Muslim rulers to spend money on corruption rather than on helping Muslims in Africa or the besieged in Palestine is very clear nowadays. 


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